3 Steps to Secure Your Office 365 Environment

As Office 365 has become a fixture of modern workplaces, cybercriminals are increasingly determined to compromise it. By breaching Office 365 in one organization, they believe they’ll open the door to hundreds of others.

Here are the 3 simple steps to secure your Office 365 environment from hackers.

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Place Your Customers First : Identity Drives & Enhance User Trust

In this infographic, have a look at how attackers impact the customer journey, and how identity can protect users at the application or API level across three key aspects.

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7 reasons why enterprises migrate legacy systems to ServiceNow

Leading enterprises find themselves among the laggers. While many of them were the first to implement comprehensive ITSM practices, some now are among the last to upgrade their legacy systems. Further delay in the decision to migrate will lead to the following:

Lack of access to new functionalities & access to make use of information with […]

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Integrated Risk Management Magic Quadrant Assessment

For the busy Security and Enterprise Risk leaders, here is our summary of 2019 IRM Gartner Magic Quadrant. Here is how we see the recognised leaders & how their capabilities in this space stack up against ServiceNow:
First and foremost, your IT and other departments are probably using ServiceNow already, hence it is a familiar technology, […]

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ITSM – Think through and Think twice

An ITSM tool can make or break a service desk. As organisations rely more and more on technology to improve their service, they’re becoming increasingly integral and as such, negative aspects of a tool are easily identifiable and can quickly become a frustration to the professionals that use it.

A survey run by the Service Desk Institute captured […]

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Remedyforce: What’s New?

Three times a year, Remedyforce customers look forward to a new release of updates, and the latest additions (release 20.16.01) do not disappoint! The focus this time around is on automation, and simplified, elevated Service Management. Here’s a quick run down of what to expect from your seamless push upgrade.

New Agentless Discovery

Remedyforce’s new automated device […]

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Why Choose Remedyforce?

With so many ITSM vendors in the market, it’s sometimes difficult to choose one. You’ll need a solution that is flexible, cost-effective, and suitable for your needs – and for many people, that solution is BMC Remedyforce. In this blog, we take a look at why so many organisations across the globe prefer Remedyforce over […]

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Cherwell Software achieves ISO 27001 Certification for US Hosting Business

The ISO 27001 audit specifies the requirements for establishing, implementing, operating, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining and improving a documented Information Security Management System (ISMS), while taking into account the organization’s overall business risks. A neutral, independent agency conducts the audit and assesses the operation of the SaaS-hosted environment, as well as all available applications, IT systems, processes […]

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Remedy 9 – Digital Service Management



 BMC’s Digital Service Management is an innovative paradigm for IT Service Management (ITSM), based on the changing trends in the industry around the way people are interacting with and utilizing technology in the era of digital services.

 As BMC says Remedy 9.0 is smart, beautiful and powerful service management that empowers the digital workforce. 

BMC Remedy Service Management […]

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AR System: Field Reference in AR System Filter Qualifications – Usage of TR. and DB.

You can specify a field reference in BMC Remedy AR System filter qualifications in three ways:

field – Filters have the native ability to check both the current transaction and then the database values of fields against the conditions in the qualification. i.e., unless restricted using one of ‘TR.’ or ‘DB.’ as prefix. Filters check the transaction […]

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Multi Tenancy in BMC Remedy ITSM In a Nutshell.

What is Multi-Tenancy?

Multi-tenancy is a BMC Remedy IT Service Management (ITSM) feature that enables the administrators to control access to Data and Configuration based on the value in the Company field of ITSM. Company field can contain company name, department name or business unit name or similar entities using which the access rights to be […]

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