Read our extensive range of technology consulting services case studies to gain an understanding of how we can assist your business
through the application of the skills and techniques unique to each of our nine practices.

Service Optimisation Case Studies

Case Study – Service Optimisation Problem Management

Case Study – Service Optimisation Change Management

Case Study – Service Optimisation Retailing

Case Study – Service Optimisation Banking

Case Study – Service Optimisation Financial services

Case Study – Service Optimisation Health Services

Project Services Case Studies

Case Study – Business Process Improvement

Case Study – BACoE

Case Study – End State PCI Compliance Process

Case Study – Digital Transformation

Case Study – Energy Efficiency Requirements Analysis

Case Study – Business Process Analysis and Design

Case Study – Solution Assessment and Validation

Case Study – Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring

Case Study – Business Architecture

Case Study – Using Agile Principles

Strategic Sourcing Case Studies

Case Study – Acquire Capability

Case Study – Enable Capability

Case Study – Enterprise Telecommunications

Case Study – Requirements Definition

Case Study – Expression of Interest

Case Study – Web Content Management System

Case Study – Plan for the Plan

Case Study – Contract Review

Case Study – Service Definition Assurance

Governance, Risk & Compliance Case Studies

Case Study – BCP Refresh

Case Study – ISO 9001 Certification

Strategic Alignment Case Studies

Case Study – Strategic Alignment Gaming

Case Study – Strategic Alignment Utilities

Case Study – Strategic Alignment Transformation

Enterprise Service Management

Case Study – Even Nature Needs ITSM

Case Study – Exceeding Service Expectations – One Department at a Time