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Integrated Risk Management Magic Quadrant Assessment

For the busy Security and Enterprise Risk leaders, here is our summary of 2019 IRM Gartner Magic Quadrant. Here is how we see the recognised leaders & how their capabilities in this space stack up against ServiceNow:


First and foremost, your IT and other departments are probably using ServiceNow already, hence it is a familiar technology, especially that your IT is very much likely to know how to use its workflow and analytics capabilities effectively.

ServiceNow is recognised in the MQ for the best ability to execute, which is strongly supported by the fact that it is a Cloud-native and has proven integrations.

ServiceNow a matured ecosystem consisting of integrations, consulting partners & developers.

IBM OpenPages

OpenPages is a Specialist IRM solution, with lesser enterprise-wide vision (in comparison to ServiceNow).

OpenPages has strong enterprise-level IRM capabilities, which comes at a significant price tag and longer implementation cycle.

In comparison, IBM Watson based AI capability seems slightly disintegrated with the core product, unlike in the case of ServiceNow GRC.

RSA Archer

Specialist IRM solution, with lesser enterprise-wide vision (in comparison to ServiceNow). On-Premise focused software, Cloud option is still evolving. The current On-premise solution may cause significant to time-to-value and deployment challenges.


In our assessment, although MetricStream and LockPath are leaders in the Magic Quadrant, these are specialist Risk Management software options with a more ‘technical’ approach to IRM rather than ServiceNow’s integrated ‘business’ risk-based approach.

We consider these solutions as in a different league as the ServiceNow solution that our Australian and New Zealand customers in the large Commercial and Enterprise segments are more likely to benefit from for the following reasons:

  • Relatively lesser popularity outside the key Risk and Security teams compared to ServiceNow, which is familiar across departments such as IT, Legal and HR.
  • Limited sales and support presence in the region & significantly smaller ecosystem of integrations, partners and resources relevant to the ANZ region.
  • Significantly limited workflow, Analytics, AI and customisation capabilities in comparison to ServiceNow.

For a more detailed read, here is the full 2019 IRM Magic Quadrant:   Gartner Magic Quadrant IRM

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