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Our support team of Cloud & Security experts helps build this energy by striving to over-deliver on your expectations. Sysintegra offers Basic Support, Premier Support, Professional Services and Education to help you make the most of your Sysintegra implementation.

Get the technical support you need,
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Sysintegra offers Basic, Premier and Premier Plus Support Service levels to ensure you are covered, no matter what your needs.

Sysintegra Basic and Premier Support provide access to helpdesk forum, FAQs, on-line user guides and tutorials, briefings of upcoming releases and best practices that will help our customers get the most value from the Sysintegra Cloud service. Sysintegra Premier Plus Support provides a dedicated Technical Account Manager for customers who desire even more personalized support to meet their business needs.

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Overview of Nexright Support

Technical Support

Training & Enablement

Professional Services

Premier Support Options

Customers have access to a toll-free line with priority call routing to Nexright customer support engineers. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The phone support cases are responded to within premier support timeframes guaranteed in our SLAs.There is no limit to how often customers can call Nexright support.Customers can submit cases easily on line within the Nexright support platform.

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Customers can report any issues via email. The online cases are responded to within premier support timeframes guaranteed in our SLAs

There is no limit to how many support cases a customer can open.

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Nexright’s customer support engineers will provide high quality service in a timely manner. Customer incidents are responded to within premier support timeframes guaranteed in our SLAs.
Customers get briefings on upcoming releases and proactive updates on issues that may impact them in any way. This includes early access to release notes and deployment guides as they become available.

Training & Enablement

Nexright provides multiple training and education options both during the deployment and after Nexright is up and running. The Nexright cloud and identity management service brings consumer-grade simplicity to an area that has long been plagued by hard to use software, and we supplement this ease-of-use with a training program that ensures you have a smooth cloud journey. Nexright provides best practice, product, and administrator training over the web with a live instructor, as well as recorded options. Contact sales@nexright.com for more information on our training program.