Leading enterprises find themselves among the laggers. While many of them were the first to implement comprehensive ITSM practices, some now are among the last to upgrade their legacy systems. Further delay in the decision to migrate will lead to the following:

  • Lack of access to new functionalities & access to make use of information with modern software will lag the ability to enhance and to optimise business processes
  • Legacy systems lack speed and will adversely affect the SLA and will result in low productivity.
  • Legacy systems are vulnerable and more prone to security issues
  • Lack of self-service will put additional workload to your IT team
  • Finally, the costs of maintaining traditional ITSM suites will grow year over years.

Why ServiceNow Platform

ServiceNow ITSM is a unified, modern, cloud-based IT service management solution. It offers a comprehensive set of tools and services aimed at transforming the speed, efficiency, and impact of IT delivery.

The core appealing factor ServiceNow has, is that comes with prepacked ITIL standards so that the organisation does not need to create or import new policies. Additionally, ServiceNow offers excellent functionality for automating and streamlining redundant processes in incident management, change management, asset management, and other business areas. Moreover, the platform is very user-friendly and highly effective when compared to other IT service management SaaS tools.

ServiceNow platform is used for:

  • IT tools and proprietary data consolidation
  • Workflow automation with AI and machine learning
  • Automated asset management
  • Change and release management
  • Project portfolio management
  • New-gen customer support and chatbot-powered assistance
  • SLA management
  • Incident and request management
  • Knowledge management
  • ITSM analytics, monitoring, and reporting

Top benefits for the ServiceNow implementations

  1. Consolidate IT Services and Reduce Costs

ServiceNow is highly extensible that help the organisation of various integrations. It also comes with a decent service catalogue.  Based on the survey conducted by Forrester with ServiceNow customers, it is estimated that organisations improved IT productivity by $7.5 million on an average. Further breakdown is as follows:

  • 75% reduction in effort regarding resource management and report generation
  • 66% reduction in time and effort to cater to service requests
  • 50% reduction in audit support efforts.
  • 20% boost in IT fulfiller efficiency
  • 20% reduction in the volume of service requests due to automation
  1. Increase IT Productivity

ServiceNow empowers IT staff with better tools for automation and workflow management which result in high productivity without hiring additional people. Forrester study indicates that most organizations achieved:

  • A 20% automated resolution rate for the most common incidents and service requests.
  • A 75% reduction in a team effort for resource management and report generation.
  • A 20% increase in IT team efficiency due to the centralized nature of ServiceNow.
  • 50% less effort applied towards conducting IT audits.
  • 50% capture of saved time is now allocated towards more high-value, productive tasks.
  1. Accelerate Incidents Resolution

ServiceNow seamlessly link together all information regarding an incident, automatically categorizes it and suggests the most appropriate resolution workflow afterwards. ServiceNow platform can automatically segregate and route all incoming requests to respective departments thus reducing the time spent on single tickets by 60%.

  1. Improve and Automate Customer Support

The number of service tickets would be reduced with automated customer support, resulting in faster the resolution times & enhanced customer experience. It is worth mentioning two ITSM applications that are most popular among customers: Agent Workspace & Virtual agent.

  1. 360-Degree View into Your Operations

ServiceNow allows you to switch to a single data model and generate insight using real-time data based on your demand. The platform allows reviewing 200+ predefined reports. In addition to that, you can create a custom report or opt for role-based analytics dashboards.

Performance analytics functionality allows you to monitor various trends, priorities resources and make continuous improvement on your IT Operations. On the other hand, the Service Level Management feature increases visibility into SLAs performance.

  1. Reduce Mean Time to Restore

According to Forrester, most ServiceNow clients managed to reduce high-priority incidents volume to 1% of the total number of incidents and requests. Thanks to better visibility and predictive analytics, surveyed companies also avoided 5+ critical incidents per year that could have otherwise resulted in at least 1 hour of costly downtime. ServiceNow platform implementation has proven to majorly accelerate service restoration time.

  1. Enhance Asset Management

ServiceNow platform helps you to understand the details of all your asset in a single-pane including financial, inventory and such. It enables your IT team to view on every system configuration including access rights, costs and asset usage by every individual. This feature help in faster resolution whenever an issue arises.

How to strengthen your ServiceNow implementation journey

The benefits of ServiceNow adoption are attractive, but before rushing into a decision, you should invest some time in doing the groundwork. A comparison study of your existing ITSM tools with the ServiceNow Offerings would help you to decide whether you are really in need of a migration.

We, at Sysintegra, offer you the most cost-effective comparison study for your existing ITSM tool and advise you on how to proceed further. Talk to our ITSM experts today.

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