It’s been a while, but after a two-year wait, we’re finally going to enjoy an ‘in person’ Conference with all the benefits this entails.

Meeting new people, as in actually meeting them, catching up with old friends, and forming new business and professional relationships in a personal and meaningful way.

The ServiceNow Knowledge Conference has long been regarded as the major event for leaders and experts in digital transformation. And while everyone has striven to do their very best during these last few years of online meetings, the prospect of a ‘face to face’ gathering of digital professionals has enormous appeal.

Add to this is the almost legendary status of The Knowledge Conference and we’re sure you’ll be delighted with the event.

Sysintegra – A New Era for an Acknowledged Industry Leader

It is important to note that while the Pandemic has been challenging for us too, it never stopped Sysintegra from acquiring new capabilities and skills to serve our customers better, to meet their needs more effectively and to communicate with them at the personal and professional level they required.

Importantly since we last had a chance to meet in person, Sysintegra has been recognised as an Elite Partner to ServiceNow.

This represents a quantum leap in our own professional journey and a guarantee to our clients of the highest standards of service delivery and product reliability, backed by an unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest ethical standards in all our dealings.

Introducing DATAMASK

We’re also delighted to introduce DataMask, a simple and reliable means of sensitive data obfuscation or purging utilising the ServiceNow platform.

Using a Rules-based approach to anonymise sensitive data or to remove redundant materials from sub-production environments, DataMask delivers these benefits:

  • Remove or randomise Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Eliminate the risk of information misuse
  • Create safe sandboxes for development, QA testing and training
  • Built on Now & natively integrated with your ServiceNow environment

DataMask automatically scans your ServiceNow production ‘Clones’ and masks commercially sensitive data and Personally Identifiable Information based on pre-loaded and configurable rules. These include:

  • Tax File and Social Security Numbers
  • Driver Licence
  • Credit Card Numbers
  • Addresses
  • Phone Numbers
  • First & Last Names
  • Email Addresses …. and more

Check out DataMask  for more details.

ZertID – Identity Access Management Made Simple, and Reliable

We are excited to introduce our suite of enhanced products under the ZertID brand – the v3.0 major release can revolutionise the provisioning and governance of Identities and Access across large enterprises.

Smarter than traditional IGA products, ZertID will deliver a cost-effective solution, fully backed by the ServiceNow platform and capable of being integrated into existing legacy systems without the threat of disruption.

Natively integrated with your business, HR, IT and Risk Management workflows, ZertID offers ServiceNow ‘Add-on’ capability within minutes, using the Now Platform.

One-touch onboarding, automated single entry offboarding and transfer, ZertID is fully configurable, rule-based and provides simple ‘Segregation of Duties’ (SOD) and Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC) frameworks.

ZertID v3.0 has been praised by industry analysts as smarter, more agile, and easier to deploy. With Zero Trust Identity becoming the industry standard, ZertID enables continuous monitoring of every Identity and every Access instance.

It is the solution the industry has been looking for.

Knowledge 2022 – Sydney May 25th – 26th — International Convention Centre

Discover, learn and network while you enjoy presentations from industry leaders like ServiceNow President of the Asia Pacific and Japan Mitch Young, CIO Dave Wright, CTO Pat Casey, and CCPO Lara Caimi.

Sysintegra will be attending the Sydney event, in keeping with the strong regional focus of Knowledge 2022, but of course connection with the broader ServiceNow global community is still possible. Indeed, ZertID is accessible worldwide and while we’d love to see you at the conference, of course not everyone can attend in person.

If you’re not in Sydney, or Australia, you can still reach out to us via the web at and and you will receive the same personal and helpful service as together we seek to address your needs.

Virtual Attendance – You can join Knowledge 2022 Online

During these last few years, we have all adapted to a new Virtual reality and it offers advantages we may not have been fully aware of previously.

Well, here’s some great news, ServiceNow will provide virtual sessions through the Knowledge 2022 Digital Experience. This will give virtual attendees access to a library of over 200 Knowledge 2022 Digital Experience exclusive sessions and these are curated to your location. Of course, when you register for the in-person event, you’ll also get access to the Knowledge 2022 Digital Experience as part of your program.

Everything you need to need to know about Knowledge 2022 is right here: Knowledge 2022 Australia