My team has been very passionately using ServiceNow technology to assist our customers over the recent years. Our passion for solving complex problems using simple solutions led to creating our first product of its kind on the #Now platform — the ZertID Identity Security solution.

We designed and built ZertID for ‘Rapid Deployment and Rapid Results’. Our focus during this process has been on the key capabilities that every Identity Security Project needs. Similarly, we have also made a conscious effort to stay away from the ‘bells and whistles’ that typically fail identity projects. 

As the name indicates, ZertID aligns with the Zero Trust Identity and is inspired to a large extent by our partner #Okta. Our deployment model closely aligns with that of Okta’s and hence we believe that the existing and new Okta customers will find ZertID as a quick add-on for rapidly meeting essential Identity Governance requirements

ZertID is “Now Certified” and available exclusively on the ServiceNow Store.

The promotional and marketing processes are still getting off the ground, yet a preliminary version of the website is available now. A handful of our customers have provided their inputs and feedback during the process and the early reviews have been very encouraging. We keep our customers’ identities confidential, and hence without revealing those valuable contacts, we would like to extend a huge “thank you” to them for their partnership with us, says Arun Nair, MD & CTO Sysintegra.

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